1. Overview of Japan Academy of Advertising

The Japan Academy of Advertising was established with the aim of (1) conducting theoretical and experimental research concerning advertising and (2) promoting exchanges with domestic and overseas academic societies and organizations. The Academy is a member of the Science Council of Japan.

2. Invitation to the Japan Academy of Advertising

The Japan Academy of Advertising was established in December 1969 by top-level scholars and practitioners in Japan engaged in advertising research and has since developed and expanded as the sole place for the promotion of joint research and exchanges between advertising academia and industry. In May 1978, the Academy was registered as an official academic organization (in the third section of Humanities and Social Sciences) of the Science Council of Japan, and its current membership comprises 540 individual regular members, 8 individual associate members, and 40 corporate support members (as of the end of March 1999). It has developed as a leading academic society in the field of social sciences, as exemplified by the fact that the former chairperson, Tasaburo Kobayashi, was elected a member of the Science Council of Japan through the Academy’s recommendation.

The Academy comprises the four divisions of Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, and Kyushu, and at each division, four to ten divisional seminars are held annually. In addition to the divisional seminars, a national meeting is convened once a year (around October), where members from across the nation gather to present the results of individual or joint advertising research and to deepen mutual exchanges. Members are informed of the results of research via the Academy’s journal, Journal of Advertising Science.

One of the major characteristics highlighting the Academy’s activities is the promotion of a project research program, which is a joint research program by members under the leadership of the Academy. Under the program, a project research committee is organized, which invites themes and members and selects several research teams each year. These selected teams conduct voluntary joint research for one to two years, and the research results are presented at a national meeting and divisional seminars and published in the Journal of Advertising Science.

Under the project research program, wide or large-scale survey studies, which go beyond the scope of individual research and require a relatively large research budget, have been conducted over the years. The membership dues of corporate supporting members are appropriated for the program as a research fund, and in return, the research achievements are shared with corporate support members and individual members.
We believe that most of the individual or joint research results reported at the national meetings or divisional seminars, as well as the achievements of the project research program or the existence and activities of the Academy itself, have inspired and driven the vitalization and development of the advertising community in Japan. We sincerely ask that you understand our activities and extend your warm cooperation and support to our activities by joining the Japan Academy of Advertising as a corporate support member.

For details about the current status and activities of the Japan Academy of Advertising and the requirements for corporate support membership, please refer to the attached publications.